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Financial Empowerment Opportunity Fair

Networking and Business

Opportunity for Business Owners

Here is your opportunity to introduce your business to a demographic who is interested in other financial income options and moving toward a more sound financial future.  Come take advantage of this opportunity to build your business.  Bring your business literature and be ready to build your down line.

We will offer you the opportunity:

  • To sign up your new team members and pass out literature
  • Offer a package of products or services to give-a-way to promote your business
  • To have your business information in the event program and on the event site with a link to your business website
  • Present a 5 minute presentation on your business to attendees
  • Interested prospects, TAKE ADVANTAGE


We are still selecting vendors for the following network marketing businesses:

(There is only one slot per business, based on first to complete the registration.)


*          Ardyss International                *          Avon (FILLED)           *          5Linxs

*          Tahitian Noni                           *          Pampered Chef                        *          Herbal Life

*          Excel Communication             *          Ameriprise                   *          Melaluca

*          Prepaid Legal (FILLED)           *          YTB                             *          Slumber Party

*          Burzerk                                                *          Tracy Lynn                  *          Tupperware

*          Mary Kay                                *          Cookie Lee                  *          Home Interiors


If your business is not listed please send the name and a paragraph about your business once approved you will be contacted and able to move forward with the registration process.  Bring your assistant, materials and registration forms and grow your business at this event!


If you are unable to make this event we have another opportunity for you!  You can include your business literature, business cards or merchandise and service coupons to be included in our attendees’ information package for the nominal investment of $75.00.

Registration deadline is close of business July 1, 2011 – PayPal available (saves the Eventbrite fee)

Vender investment is just $300.00 for this opportunity.

Networking breakfast and lunch are provided

Register now: http://financialempowermentfair.eventbrite.com

August 13, 2011         10:00 am – 5:00 pm   UMUC Inn and Conference Center by Marriott

For more information email pbrown(at)pharicebrownandassociates.com

How long are we going to wait for a “REAL” Stimulus?

The need for us to stimulate ourselves!

In 2007 the bottom began to noticeably fall out of the real estate market and in 2008 the stock market crumbled taking the futures of hundreds of thousands of hardworking American families.  From that to 2009 the country has slid into a full blown recession.  As we all know, recession is a word everyone refuses to say and hates to hear it even more.

With the recession thousands upon thousands of jobs were lost, millions of hard working families have gone into foreclosure, retirees lost their life’s savings and across the country we begin to seew more and more “going out of business” signs hanging on businesses that have faithfully supported many families for years.  We, as a country have been left wondering what was going to happen next.  We watch the news day after day to hear that the government was giving “TARP” and “bail out” money to various lending institutions.

But where is the bail out for those that have sacrificed and poured their sweat, blood and tears into building a comfortable future?

Where is the bail out for those that are working double time to keep up with the rising gas, electric, heating and grocery costs, but can still never get ends to meet?

Word of Mouth Events & Planning

Financial Empowerment Opportunity Fair

Following excerpt taken from the Yahoo News article Obama slammed for neglecting jobs crisis by: Zachary Roth, Wed. Jan 26, 2011

“That’s how CNN’s Wolf Blitzer summed up last night’s State of the Union address moments after it ended. But not everyone agrees. Yes, President Obama pushed for an array of investments in infrastructure, education, and innovation — all of which, he argued, are crucial to long-term growth and competitiveness. But he offered very few concrete ideas to alleviate the immediate jobs crisis that’s at the front of many Americans’ minds. With unemployment at 9.4 percent, under-employment also sky-high, and economic growth lagging, some backers of the president would like to see more focus on job creation. And even while acknowledging that Obama’s hands are tied by the Republican Congress, they’re responding to the speech with frustration.

In short, President Obama spoke last night about “winning the future.” But some are asking: What about the present?”

Here is the opportunity to bail ourselves out!

Join Word of Mouth Events & Planning as a sponsor in our annual event to assist those who are interested in learning more about building a better financial future through business ownership.

Event Goal

Word of Mouth Events & Planning will assist attendees with:

  • Guidance and information on starting a business or become an owner of one of the country’s fastest growing network marketing businesses and franchises
  • Presentations from various franchises, network marketing businesses and non profit organization
  • Introduce our attendees to financial advisors, bank representatives, representatives from the SBA and other business professionals
  • Assistance with DUNNS Number, Tax ID Number (TIN), and Employer Identification Number (EIN)

We will help answer important questions such as:

  • “Where and how do I start?”
  • “Why do I need a business plan?”
  • “What about licenses, permits, taxes and insurance?”
  • “How do I organize my business? LLC? Sole Proprietor? Incorporate?”
  • “Can I run the business out of my home?”
  • “Where and how can I find the funds to get started or to grow my business?”
  • “What financial records do I need to keep?”
  • “How do I qualify for business grants?”

Businesses have different challenges when they start up and as they grow, for these reasons, this fair seeks to offer a strong balanced overview of essentials common to the majority of small businesses. More specifically, it includes:

  • Where or how to get a business plan
  • Organizing a business
  • Marketing/selling products and services
  • Financing options and business loans
  • Managing-permits, fees, licenses, insurance
  • Professional and affordable website development

In an effort to also do our part to be eco-friendly and keep our informational printing to a minimum all pre-registrants will receive a CD with business resources such as; business plan outline to guide them in the information they will need to think about to prepare the best business plan.  We will also have other materials to assist with marketing, managing finances and a reference list of resources of creditable information and services.

Letter from our President/CEO

The success of this annual event will be credited largely to our sponsors, who lend their names and financial support to the event.  A portion of the money we raise each year will go to a individual/business owner in the form of a grant to assist them in their dreams of business ownership/growth, and this year’s grant goal is $1,000 and business services and/or products.

By participating as a sponsor, your organization will benefit from extended exposure through media campaigns and promotional efforts directed toward the supporters of Word of Mouth Events & Planning. For a nominal investment, you’ll be able to enjoy excellent exposure to this important segment of your target audience.

We have 3 levels of sponsorship packages, as detailed below.  You can select the level of participation that best meets your needs, and be secure in the knowledge that your sponsorship investment will be used to help Word of Mouth Events & Planning fund the Financial Empowerment Opportunity Fair.

We’re counting on your support, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact us so we are able to expedite your sponsorship commitment.  Word of Mouth Events & Planning thanks you in advance for your willingness to support our efforts and make a difference in our community.


Pharice Brown


Who is Word of Mouth Events & Planning

Word of Mouth Events and Planning is not your ordinary event planning organization, rather a professional service where your vision is our passion. With over 10 years of experience coordinating and planning events, Pharice Brown and her staff have successfully climbed the ladder with referrals spread by word of mouth.  Having built a reputation in this industry to plan events for all occasions; such as: Family Reunions · Corporate Retreats · Networking Events · Fundraisers · Corporate Functions · Weddings · Board Meetings · Conferences· Conventions · Charity Fundraisers · Speaking Engagements · Marketing Promotions · Receptions · Special Occasions · Inaugurals ~ Mayoral ~ Senatorial ~ Gubernatorial Celebrations; you are guaranteed to have an event that is sure to keep people talking.  Whether it’s a three day retreat for 500 or a special celebration for 10, Word of Mouth Events & Planning will successfully execute every aspect of event planning from location to your dining experience.

* We also offer post event cleanup service, which uses green cleaning products and event servers. *

About Pharice Brown, President and CEO

Pharice Brown, President and CEO of Pharice Brown & Associates, LLC has over 10 years of progressively responsible experience directing as many as 1,000 employees in fortune 500 companies. Pharice has led these companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes.

Pharice is a creative, innovative, and ambitious professional, one who is willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of both those she employs; as well as her clients.  She is a true embodiment of what the next generation of female business moguls is all about.

Ms. Brown is one who has overcome many obstacles, while taking on new challenges.  Having left the music industry at the top of her game as the Director and Promotions Manager for a local Entertainment and Recording Studio, Pharice was destined to be an entrepreneur.  She is equipped with both the skill and knowledge to see any project through fruition and completion.  Under the guidance of the most elite professionals, Pharice absorbed the business quickly, showing tremendous signs of leadership, while being pushed to the limit as a Director of Marketing in the music industry and a Project leader in the business industry. Her understanding of both domestic and commercial services encompasses direct sales, business management, and project management, administrative professionalism, in both the private and government markets.

Among her significant previous positions, Pharice also served as Director of Marketing with a local Internet Radio company and as an A&R Director and Manager for North Carolina based record label.  Her contributions to the label were artist and project management, while striving for perfection and providing services above and beyond the call of duty.

Pharice has also earned the honor of being featured in “The Indie Bible” for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 for her contributions to the music industry and served as a Reviewer in the 2011 Case Writing Competition for the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.  Pharice also serves as the Chairman for the We Women International (WWI) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to financially empower women.  They support and encourage women in reaching their fullest potential. In September of 2010 she was a featured entrepreneur on the website Superwoman Lifestyle.  Pharice has recently taken on the business of being an Independent Avon Representative.  Pharice Brown, a true phenomenon of success and an introduction to a new breed of business savvy female professionals.

Ms. Brown has a team of professional associates equipped with a variety of talents and skills; each offering Pharice Brown & Associates, LLC; the ability to provide services in a multitude of genres; such as; Staffing Services, Cleaning and Reorganization Services, Video Production, Event/Meeting  planning and management.

Please email us for more information and a copy of our Sponsorship and Donation Information Package: pbrown(at)pharicebrownandassociates.com
Thanks in advance for your support!”

Financial Empowerment Opportunity Fair : http://www.indiegogo.com/Financial-Empowerment-Opportunity-Fair?a=92304&i=invt&key=N2e4BQ27

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