Intern 101

Hey, it’s the second week of my internship and I believe I’m getting comfortable. Waking up early has been becoming easier too. This week I worked on looking at different venues and looking up ways to get sponsorship. We had a chance to meet each other at a networking event, but I missed out which was unfortunate, but the show must go on.
I believe this week I learned more about myself and overcoming fears when it came time to make phone calls. I know I write well, so I always feel more comfortable writing to people. This week I made phone calls on behalf of the company and I must say that I did great. I sounded professional and was able to defeat my fear. This internship is a wonderful thing.

Ms. Shakiyah Drayton, Intern
Word of Mouth Events and Planning

Venue, please…

By Brittany Malone
Word of Mouth Events & Planning
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When searching for a venue you should have a clear idea in mind. Think about both the setting and setup that would be most beneficial for your event. For a bridal expo, I envision a lot of space for vendor visibility to attendees and a lot of walking space.

After you’ve come up with an idea, start searching. is a website I found useful in finding venues as well as On both websites you can search venues by state and enter criteria for the number of expected guests.

And don’t forget about your social networks. “Like” Facebook groups or follow Twitter groups that cater to your event. My event is all about weddings, so I am a fan of many wedding pages on Facebook. I can post links to their walls and search for potential vendors.

There is no one way to do anything. Feel free to research the process other planners took to plan similar events. A lot of examples of sponsorship packages and letters are available online as well as templates.

Finally, take a lot of notes. Sometimes things don’t quite click to you until something else sparks an idea at a later date. No information you find is bad, so keep it all readily available.

Happy planning!

Mastering your first week of planning…

By Brittany Malone
Word of Mouth Events & Planning
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The beginning stages of planning an event are perhaps the most tedious. A lot of hours are put into researching, Google searching and asking your boss a lot of questions.

My goal for the week was to tackle a venue. My thought process: finding a venue would lead to setting a date. However, finding in a venue in a place you just moved to is very difficult.

I researched the venues I thought were appropriate. I tried to get as much information as possible from the websites, so when I called I wasn’t wasting time asking questions that were answered through the venue’s website.

It was a wonderful idea; however, after posting ads on Craigslist for models, runway coaches and designers, I got caught up in the other potential elements of the event I could gain from Craigslist. (photographers/videographers, caterers, etc.)

So, researching my venues was put on a brief hiatus; however, it is back to the top of the priority list.

The first day jitters are finally gone, and I feel my first week has been successful. Especially since I’ve never planned an event of this caliber, and I just moved from out-of-state.

This week I learned anything can be done with a little guidance.

Intern 101

Hello, my name is Shakiyah Drayton and I’m a senior Public Relations major from Philadelphia, PA. This past week was the first week of my internship at Word of Mouth Events & Planning. This first week wasn’t as rough as I believed it would be. My biggest struggle is waking up, but since I work from home I’m able to work in my pajamas. That may be my favorite part so far. I’m working on the ” Financial Empowerment Fair”. It’s a lot of work to be done, but I’m sure I will be able to get it all done.
    This past week I’ve just been organizing everything because I have to see everything in my face in order to get things done. I have also been researching pricing things. I feel like this week I did fairly well, but next week I want to get more accomplished. Now that I’ve had time to warm up it will be easier for me to get more done. I believe that is all I have to say this week, but check in next Monday to hear more from.