Mastering your first week of planning…

By Brittany Malone
Word of Mouth Events & Planning
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The beginning stages of planning an event are perhaps the most tedious. A lot of hours are put into researching, Google searching and asking your boss a lot of questions.

My goal for the week was to tackle a venue. My thought process: finding a venue would lead to setting a date. However, finding in a venue in a place you just moved to is very difficult.

I researched the venues I thought were appropriate. I tried to get as much information as possible from the websites, so when I called I wasn’t wasting time asking questions that were answered through the venue’s website.

It was a wonderful idea; however, after posting ads on Craigslist for models, runway coaches and designers, I got caught up in the other potential elements of the event I could gain from Craigslist. (photographers/videographers, caterers, etc.)

So, researching my venues was put on a brief hiatus; however, it is back to the top of the priority list.

The first day jitters are finally gone, and I feel my first week has been successful. Especially since I’ve never planned an event of this caliber, and I just moved from out-of-state.

This week I learned anything can be done with a little guidance.

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