The Value of Contacts

Brittany Malone

Word of Mouth Events & Panning Intern




A very important element of event planning is creating contacts and building business relationships. The first thing to remember is anyone or any company you come in contact with in this profession should be considered a business contact.

I was in a restaurant earlier this week. I was looking around waiting to have lunch and heard the bartender talking about an event the restaurant held a few weeks ago. Instantly, my wheels were spinning. Possible venue.

I was driving around the city, and in front of me was a limousine with the company name and contact information. I snapped a quick picture of that information. I went to see a venue this week. The event director gave me a packet full of vendors that have participated in the venue’s past events. Those became my contacts as well.

The point – you should never rule out any contacts. Even if you don’t think they fit into the niche for the event you’re working on at the moment, they may be perfect for the next event or for an event your colleague is working on.


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