Keep the Wheels Spinning

Brittany Malone

Word of Mouth Events & Planning Intern

866-905-9002 ext. 114

In this industry, you have to be versatile and full of ideas. It is common practice for an event planner to work on two unrelated events simultaneously.

How can you plan more than one event successfully? It’s all about having a clear definition, purpose and direction for each event. Specificity is key. Who has to be involved? Do you need instructors, choreographers or coaches? Who would want to attend? What age range are you targeting? What types of donors, sponsors or vendors are needed for the specific event?

Once you can get the specifics on the event determined with your team, the rest should be simple researching to find ways to get to the answers you’ve already determined.

Your mind has to be working constantly, and I don’t mean on autopilot. You have to be actively involved in the planning process whether you are planning one event or 10 events.

Event planning is not your typical 9-5. If you’re a planner, you’re working all day. Lately, I’ve been working later and later into the evenings. Not knowingly, but I find myself coming up with ideas all the time.

That’s what’s so exciting about this industry. Once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t feel like you’re working. So, keep the ideas rolling and you may find yourself working on 100 events at one time. Well, that may be pushing it, but anything is possible.

Happy planning!

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