Bartering…Simple concept, complex application

Brittany Malone

Word of Mouth Events & Planning Intern

866-905-9002 ext. 114

Business to business communication can be challenging and more intimidating than communicating with a client who has sought you out. All events have overhead costs; however, it is crucial to get as much “bang for you buck” for as many aspects of an event as possible.

As an event planner, you may be used to being the service provider. Sometimes, you’ll need services from others. When it comes time to pay for a service your event requires, you should have a clear price cap as well as a clear understanding of the economic climate.

Working out a deal is a technique that may take time to develop depending on your confidence level. I’ve found it beneficial to get into “consumer mode,” during negotiation time. Why? Because that’s what you are. You can’t be demanding, and you can’t be compliant. All of this goes back to the fundamental researching that is important in event planning.

You also have to be able to compromise. If a business is willing to lower the price of their services, you should be able to offer them exposure at an event you’re hosting. That defines the business relationship, which strengthens the contact and cuts out time in the next event’s planning process.

So, next time a service provider gives you an outrageously high price quote, be calm and stand by your research. Confidently suggest a compromise that suits both parties, and I’m sure any business will be more than happy to work something out with you.

 Happy planning!

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