Language Barrier or Path?

Brittany Malone

Word of Mouth Events & Planning

Student Event Coordinator


Communication, of course, is a huge part of event planning. You have to be able to communicate with co-workers, vendors, sponsors, donors, clients, venues, etc. One thing that has to be accounted for…English is not everyone’s first language.

Spanish is a good language to know, in any amount. Losing out on clients or sponsorships due to a language barrier is not good for business. In fact, you could enhance the number of endorsements you receive by simply pitching ideas or even attempting to communicate in Spanish.

Only good at writing the language? Consider translating some of your marketing tools into Spanish. Good at reading the language? Get local business magazines and newspapers written in Spanish.

Perhaps you’re like me. I can read, write and carry a conversation in Spanish. I’m just not confident with it. But the more I shy away from it, the more of a barrier the language will hold.

With any language, you have to use it to get better at it. So, if you here someone speaking another language you may be familiar with, try to start a conversation. Sure, you may sound silly, but it will pay off in the end.

Si usted practica mucho, en el futuro usted va a hablar mejor.


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