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I love stumbling upon new websites (no not through the popular time filler site, even though I have found great wedding sites through there). While looking up ideas for making eye catching and creative flyers I came across GOGO Pin Ad ( This is a free website, all you have to do is create an account and then start creating. There are a lot of tools to use: add pictures, tables, arrows, shapes, text boxes and text bubbles that can be made any color! If you create an account you can actually save the work that you have done and come back to it later, that way you would not have to redo hours of work. I am doing the flyer for the Financial Empowerment Opportunity Fair, like I mentioned last week and with the help of this site I could create and edit multiple designs.

Another site I found was Eventective ( Their tagline is “Plan the Perfect Event”, which is exactly what the site will help anyone do. When you first go onto the page it allows you to choose from the 50 states including the nation’s capital. Then from there you may choose a city and venue type. The types include parties, wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, and meetings. After choosing all the criteria of location the site provides hundreds of options. Each venue listed comes with the address, venue size, number of meeting rooms and their maximum capacity. I was just looking for places to potentially have the Financial Empowerment Opportunity Fair, however this is a great tool to use when planning any event, so meeting planners take note. Two other sites that may be helpful are CVent ( and Venues Online (


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This blog was just moved from a different location so I have posted my previous post down below. It is order starting from most recent:

Email, search, email. That was my week 3 as an intern. I received the assignment to contact retailers in the hope that they would be interested in donating “goodies” for the lovely totes that the brides and grooms that attend the bridal expo will receive. I still haven’t received many replies from the past couple of emails that I sent out so when I got a few in my mail box this week I was very excited! One from a major retailer interested in sponsoring the event and one from a retailer interested in donating sales promotions. In case you did not know sales promotions are special offers such as coupons and discounts. Along with good news comes the bad. I did get a few “uninterested” emails this week as well, which was expected, but that just motivates me to find more potential participates.

This week I also go the assignment to make a flyer for the financial empowerment expo. Usually when making things such as flyers it is best to use Microsoft Publisher because they have special templates to make flyers, as well as brochures, greeting cards as well as business cards. Unfortunately I do not have Microsoft Publisher so to improvise I used Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is still good with some graphics especially with WordArt. I like the first draft that I made but I want to find a way to add more information to it without crowding the negative space. The second half of my assignment was to find potential speakers and round table members that would be helpful for small businesses that need help and guidance to grow. There is a wide variety of agencies to contact that would be great for the event. There are bank representatives, financial advisors, and other successful business owners in the DMV area.

With the closure of the week I am looking forward to getting more replies from businesses that I have contacted.


My second week of my internship was only two days (because I went on vacation). However, the two days that I was working were productive. I had the assignment to find the contact information of a couple of stores that may be interested in being a sponsor in our Bridal Expo event. This was a little challenging. Most companies do not have the personal email contact for their corporate officials on the main website and there is no information on who the local managers are for retail stores either. So what I did to overcome this issue was to figure out the best way to word what I used to search for the information. The best person to contact about decisions in the company is the CEO. They are the main decision makers and they would also be able to give the best information about whom else to contact. So in the search engine I would type in “CEO of [company name] contact information”. Keep in mind when using any search engine you have to make sure that the information is current and from a good source.

I also started to think of people and companies to contact about being a part of the Financial Empowerment event, to which I have been assigned. I began to look up contacts with the state government of Maryland and Virginia that work with Labor and Licensing. I also plan on contacting local business owners that may have beneficial information for starter companies on how to expand and give personal experience advice on how to handle certain situations. I already have one business owner, who is a former employer that I think will be a perfect person to bring in.

Altogether a lot was done in this short period of time.





This was my first week as an intern and I got put to work right away. I have begun working on a bridal expo and I love it! I love weddings, I have been watching Wedding Sundays on WE and reading bridal magazine just because for years. My own wedding is practically planned, all that’s missing s the groom. So I would hardly call looking up bridal boutiques and caterer’s hard work but rather entertaining and kind of fun. When I started to look for businesses to contact about being venders in the exposition I instantly went to the site TheKnot.Com. I stumbled upon this site a few months ago while working on a class project and it has really came in handy. The Knot is a site mainly for brides who need help with planning their weddings but has helpful information for planning practically any event. The site allows the visitor to plug in their zip code and search for venues, caterers, limo services, wedding planners and more. Needless to say through this I found some great potential venders. After finding these great businesses I had to figure out how to send out a professional solicitation email inviting them to be a part of the exposition. For this I asked my mother, who is an event planner herself. She sent me in a good direction to find some great templates. I have been sending emails for the past couple of days (there are that many businesses), while also looking up information for potential sponsors for the program. Overall my first week has been very busy and I cannot wait to see what else the internship has in store.


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