K.I.S.S. Please

Brittany Malone
Word of Mouth Events & Planning Intern
866-905-9002 ext. 114

Often times, events can become very large. Award ceremonies, galas and conventions are sometimes planned for 1,000s of people. Although your event may be complex, the simple details are often the most important.

Do you have enough staffing for the event? Do you have specific details for things that go wrong? Who to contact? Plan A, B and C?

Although we’re living in the digital age, we all know different technical problems arise. Be sure to allot enough time for multiple sound checks and presentation run-throughs.

Always have someone standing by to deal with electrical issues. It is smart to have fillers for any unscheduled downtime; late speakers, technical issues, late material shipments. What’s the best way to square away simple details?

Think simple.

Want to plan an event for 3,000? First, plan the event for 100, and figure out everything you need to do to pull off that event considering all glitches. Now you only have to multiply those plans by 30, and all the bases will be covered.

It’s sometimes easier to plan 30 small events than one huge event. So, Keep It Simple Slick.

Happy Planning!

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