Event Planner’s Best Resource

Event Scoop Sheet

To prepare the speaker(s) for your event provide them with a meeting or event provide them with a meeting or event information sheet.  You should have this prepared and finalized no less than three weeks prior to your meeting or event.  This document will give the speaker the statistical and registration data about their audience.

Your scoop sheet should contain:

  • Location of “green room” – Speakers preparation, rehearsal room
  • Transportation details – driving directions should be included
  • Copy of the meeting/event goals and objectives
  • Attendee stats – number of males/females, age range, location, job titles, number of sessions, and expected attendee totals
  • Official meeting or event program with meeting room assignment information – include floor plan
  • Handout procedures – confirm who will be responsible for duplication, the number to be produced and who will bring them
  • Confirm the day, date and time to be at the venue
  • Speaker payment information – reiterate speakers fees and expense reimbursement if applicable

Preparing a scoop sheet will give you a checklist to make sure that your main event, speaker, is clear and confirmed.  As a routine you should develop the habit of placing am follow up call to confirm the packages was received and answer any questions they may have at that time.

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