Avoid Disappointment on You Big Day



Enjoy your Big Day…

To avoid real disappointment on your Big Day (whatever the occasion) you should register for items you need and really want.  If you start putting things on the registry like vases, platters and picture frames just because you think you should, please believe that you will be overcome with vases, platters and picture frames.  Because these are taste specific, for the most part there may be many you won’t want.  These are items that people always buy for all occasions.  You will be re-gifting these items for some time to come if you don’t take the time to think ahead and plan a registry.  And yes, re-gifting is perfectly acceptable behavior because if you don’t like it and you know you will not use it and someone else could be enjoying it, then why not?  Now let me say this.  You have to be sure to label who gave you each gift, the worst thing would be to gift the item they gifted to you.  Embarrassing!  I can’t say it enough – do not re-gift to the person who gave it to you.  

Also, while on the topic of registries, please register according to your guest list, meaning; have several price choices and try not to make a list twice as big as the guest list.  The fact of the matter is that you probably do not want only two forks and two plates, when you registered for a twelve piece dinning set, four platters, eight vases, a grill, and a sofa set, along side fourteen picture frames and a stand mixer with accessories but only invited twenty-five people to your event.  It may take a bit longer to figure out what you want on your registry but it will definitely pay off in the end, while not giving you a headache.  Make things easier on you and enjoy your big day… 

 Deidra D. Thompson, Professional-In-Training (P.I.T.)

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