Enjoy Your Day…

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On your Big Day, your Wedding Day, (or other special occasion) you should not have any disruptions that take you away from enjoying yourself, your future spouse, your family and friends. With this thought in mind I have a few suggestions to help make your Day a much more enjoyable experience.

First Suggestion – Put Someone Else In Charge (The Step-In)

I realize this can be a difficult suggestion to follow for some people but please trust that it will make a world of difference to have someone else in charge for a short amount of time.  Now, to insure that this is a positive difference, this person is not just someone attending the wedding or your second cousin twice removed who really wants to help, this person is someone you trust to make decisions, they know you, your likes and dislikes and they understand when you would say yes or no.  Remember they are there to help so try to pick someone you get along with and can effectively deal with other people and possible difficult situations.  Their job is to take care of any situations that may arise on your Wedding day, situations that the Wedding Planner, Caterer, or Hotel Manager might ask you about are now handled by your Step-In. It has to be understood that the Step-In now speaks for you and what they say goes.  You should not hear about any problems till after the wedding, preferably after the honeymoon or longer if you can take not knowing.  Here’s the bottom line, things happen, people bring an extra guest, did not tell you they are now vegetarian for some unexplained reason or the they can’t sit next to Aunt Anne because it “may start something”.  Remember whatever the problem the Step-In can take care of it and you can hear about it later – Enjoy Your Day (and remember to give a big Thank You to your Step-In)…

”We look forward to earning your business.”

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