Hello … I’m Having an Event!

ImageGetting the Word Out

Ok so now you have your target audience and you need to let them know you have some place for them to be and why.  Here are a few ways to reach out to them:

* Website                                       * Past Attendees                      * Poster/Flyer

* Email Blast                                 * Text Message                         * Referral

* Blogs                                             * Fax                                            * Networking

* Email                                            * Press Release                         * Newspaper

* Radio/Internet                        * Commercial                            * Word of Mouth

* Signage                                       * Feature Article                       * Other Events

Here’s where you show your marketing plan to the world.  You can use as many of these outlets as you like that will “touch” your target audience.  You will also need to consider you marketing budget and the cost of each and which will provide the best ROI (return on investment).  Also be thinking ahead to your next event.  On you r attendee registration form create a line for them to tell you where they heard about your event.  Keep this information on hand for planning similar events to create a list of the best places to advertise based on the number of people reached, this will tell you where to advertise more.  It’s up to you to market in best places for maximum results.

… Be heard.

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