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Marketing and promoting your event is vital to the success of your meeting or event and should be taken seriously.  Your marketing should show the potential attendees why they need to attend and WIIM (What’s In It For Me), what they will get from your meeting or event.

Your marketing and promotions should be in line with your goals and objectives.  If done right promoting will be easy.  Here you need to demonstrate to the vendors, sponsors, donors, decision makers, and attendees that you have an event/meeting people want to attend.

Get attention with your marketing, pull from your goals/objectives and spark the interest of your target audience and guide them to how they can attend – make it easy.  Define your marketing message.

* What are your goals/objectives?

* What is the financial goal?

* Who should attend?  Why?

* What will the attendees get out of attending?

There’s nothing like attending a boring meeting and finding out it is boring when you get there; so you should pay careful attention making sure the attendees know what they are going to get out of this meeting.  Even if it’s a mandatory meeting you should still focus on goals and objectives, get them to buy-in and build excitement.  This can only lead to a more successful meeting or event.

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