Enjoy Your Day…

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On your Big Day, your Wedding Day, (or other special occasion) you should not have any disruptions that take you away from enjoying yourself, your future spouse, your family and friends. With this thought in mind I have a few suggestions to help make your Day a much more enjoyable experience.

First Suggestion – Put Someone Else In Charge (The Step-In)

I realize this can be a difficult suggestion to follow for some people but please trust that it will make a world of difference to have someone else in charge for a short amount of time.  Now, to insure that this is a positive difference, this person is not just someone attending the wedding or your second cousin twice removed who really wants to help, this person is someone you trust to make decisions, they know you, your likes and dislikes and they understand when you would say yes or no.  Remember they are there to help so try to pick someone you get along with and can effectively deal with other people and possible difficult situations.  Their job is to take care of any situations that may arise on your Wedding day, situations that the Wedding Planner, Caterer, or Hotel Manager might ask you about are now handled by your Step-In. It has to be understood that the Step-In now speaks for you and what they say goes.  You should not hear about any problems till after the wedding, preferably after the honeymoon or longer if you can take not knowing.  Here’s the bottom line, things happen, people bring an extra guest, did not tell you they are now vegetarian for some unexplained reason or the they can’t sit next to Aunt Anne because it “may start something”.  Remember whatever the problem the Step-In can take care of it and you can hear about it later – Enjoy Your Day (and remember to give a big Thank You to your Step-In)…

”We look forward to earning your business.”

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What Does an Event Planner Really Do?

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If you read our post ‘What is Event Planning?’ you now have an idea of what an event is and a short list of the types of functions that are considered events.  It is important to say that, being an event planner is no easy job and can require evenings, late nights, weekends, and holidays.  Because you will be contacting other businesses there are going to be a lot of work to be done during what are considered core business hours.  The amount of time, and when, you have to commit will be based on your specialty and type of event.  Social events generally will require more nights, weekends, holidays, and even seasonal functions depend on their area of expertise.
Event planners are the go-to professionals when there is a lack of time or knowledge of how to successful organize and plan a particular event.  Individual planners can step right in and give the event the attention it deserves.  Large businesses and corporations call on even planners to produce a variety of events – fundraisers, black tie galas, golf tournaments to trade shows with thousands of attendees – that are organized each year.  Depending on the event like, conventions can run over a period of days and require close attention to detail, organization and coordination of the convention logistics.

While many event planners specialize in one or two events styles, especially those who are self-employed. Regular tasks event planners perform depend on a couple of factors, including the type, size and location of event. The level of experience also determines event planners’ duties.  For example entry-level planners may focus solely on logistics, while more senior planners may coordinate all the resources needed to carry out an event. The duties are usually broken up into the following steps:

  • Research: Planners must conduct required research, establish expected outcomes and produce outline of the event (including attendees, participants and/or contributors). This is when the logistics and organizational needs are identified along with the necessary resources required to successfully produce the final event.
  • Design: Coordinators visualize and make evaluations of the scale needed to meet the goals and determine the elements that will supply the characteristics of the desired event.
  • Organization: This phase may include locating a site or venue, catering, decorations, entertainment, travel arrangements and other accommodations.
  • Supervision: Vendors and others will need to be coordinated and supervised by the planner.  The event planner will be the point-of-contact.
  • Evaluation: This involves answering the questions regarding the delivery of the final production.  The planner will evaluate the good aspects and items that may need a little fine tuning to ensure the smooth run of future events.   Don’t forget this is also where client feedback will be presented.

    In short an even planner coordinates the logistical and operational aspects of events and meetings. When working with a public celebrations and private affairs, professional event planners manage each phase of the experience.

    ~ Here’s to a solid foundation for your new business.

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Tips for Using a Rented Helium Tank Safely


Rented helium tanks allow you to fill balloons with helium for hours of enjoyment. Since helium stored in tanks is under high pressure, make sure that you exercise caution when transporting, storing or using a rented helium tank to avoid injury. Note the following tips to help you use your rented helium cylinder safely.
Safety tips

  • Read all warnings and instructions on the rented helium tank or provided by the rental store before use.
  • Remove the regulator and tightly secure the cap on the rented helium tank to prepare it for transporting.
  • Use care when handling the rented helium tank and always keep it in the upright position.
  • To move the rented helium tank, strap it to a wheeled dolly.
  • Follow safe lifting practices when loading and unloading a rented helium tank.
  • Secure rented helium tank when transporting it in a vehicle.
  • Only transport and use a rented helium tank in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not allow helium-filled balloons to contact overhead power lines. Electricity can flow through a balloon’s string and cause electric shock or electrocution to the one holding it. In addition, foil balloons reportedly have caused power outages by hitting power lines. Some states, such as California, require each foil balloon be weighted and have attached to it a statement warning of the dangers associated with the balloon contacting an electrical line.
  • Do not breathe helium from balloons. Helium is a non-flammable, colorless, odorless, tasteless, inert, non-toxic gas, but inhalation of it can deprive the lungs of oxygen and lead to asphyxiation.
  • Keep unauthorized individuals away from the rented helium tank.
  • Always keep watch over the rented helium tank.


  • Set rented helium tank in the upright position on a flat, level surface.
  • Either place the rented helium tank in a stand or secure it to a post, tree or wall to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Check all of the parts of the rented helium tank for wear, damage and leaks before use. Contact your rental store immediately if you find the tank or any of its parts to be faulty.


  • Use the rented helium tank only for filling balloons.
  • Attach balloon regulator to rented helium tank.
  • Point the rented helium tank’s valve away from you and then open it slowly.
  • Inflate balloons with the rented helium tank to a round — rather than pear — shape to allow for expansion. Over filling can cause balloons to break, which may lead to a shortage of helium.
  • Tightly secure the valve(s) on the rented helium tank after each use to prevent helium from escaping.
  • Dismantle rented helium tank and reattach its cap when not in use.

…. Safe ballooning

Pharice Brown

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Centerpieces – Use More Than Once

Enjoy Your Big Day…

You know what can help you enjoy your big day, something inexpensive (some people call it cheap but I have always liked the word frugal)… Here are two ideas that are inexpensive and elegant at the same time.

 First, buy white lights after Christmas.  They are always on sale around the end of the holidays, so you can buy several sets and make a big impact at any occasion.  They make a soft lighting environment and big impact with little effort; you can package them up and use them over and over again for all of your special occasions.  

Second, go to a discount store for help there you can find unique inexpensive ideas for centerpieces.  I have seen the most beautiful events done with economical votive candle holders, candles, and mirrors.  Guests can take the centerpiece home in addition to the take home gifts.  Because these items are reasonably priced they are a great way continue to impress your guests with a durable showpiece they can reuse for times to come.

These ideas can help you enjoy your day and help inspire others for theirs.

Deidra D. Thompson, Professional-In-Training (P.I.T.)
Word of Mouth Events & Planning
Bladensburg, MD 20710

Toll Free Phone and Fax: (866) 905-9002 ext. 102

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