Well It’s About Time!


In 2007 the bottom began to noticeably fall out of the real estate market and in 2008 the stock market crumbled taking the futures of hardworking American families. From that to 2009 the country has slid into a full blown recession and some of the highest unemployment numbers in 30 years. As we all know, recession is a word everyone refuses to say and hates to hear it even more.

With the recession thousands of jobs were lost, millions of hard working families have gone into foreclosure, retirees lost their entire life’s savings and across the country we saw more and more “Going out of business” signs hanging on businesses that have faithfully supported many communities for years. We, as a country have been left wondering what was going to happen next. We watched the news day after day to hear that the government was giving “TARP” and “bail out” money to “big banks”.

But where is the bail out for those that have sacrificed and poured their sweat, blood and tears into building a comfortable future?

Here we are in 2014 and things are not much better! Where is the bail out for those that are working double time to keep up with the rising pain at the pump, 50% utility hikes, ever shrinking funds for ever increasing grocery costs and un-affordable healthcare expenses?

Here is the opportunity to bail ourselves out! It’s time for OUR change!


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What Does an Event Planner Really Do?

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If you read our post ‘What is Event Planning?’ you now have an idea of what an event is and a short list of the types of functions that are considered events.  It is important to say that, being an event planner is no easy job and can require evenings, late nights, weekends, and holidays.  Because you will be contacting other businesses there are going to be a lot of work to be done during what are considered core business hours.  The amount of time, and when, you have to commit will be based on your specialty and type of event.  Social events generally will require more nights, weekends, holidays, and even seasonal functions depend on their area of expertise.
Event planners are the go-to professionals when there is a lack of time or knowledge of how to successful organize and plan a particular event.  Individual planners can step right in and give the event the attention it deserves.  Large businesses and corporations call on even planners to produce a variety of events – fundraisers, black tie galas, golf tournaments to trade shows with thousands of attendees – that are organized each year.  Depending on the event like, conventions can run over a period of days and require close attention to detail, organization and coordination of the convention logistics.

While many event planners specialize in one or two events styles, especially those who are self-employed. Regular tasks event planners perform depend on a couple of factors, including the type, size and location of event. The level of experience also determines event planners’ duties.  For example entry-level planners may focus solely on logistics, while more senior planners may coordinate all the resources needed to carry out an event. The duties are usually broken up into the following steps:

  • Research: Planners must conduct required research, establish expected outcomes and produce outline of the event (including attendees, participants and/or contributors). This is when the logistics and organizational needs are identified along with the necessary resources required to successfully produce the final event.
  • Design: Coordinators visualize and make evaluations of the scale needed to meet the goals and determine the elements that will supply the characteristics of the desired event.
  • Organization: This phase may include locating a site or venue, catering, decorations, entertainment, travel arrangements and other accommodations.
  • Supervision: Vendors and others will need to be coordinated and supervised by the planner.  The event planner will be the point-of-contact.
  • Evaluation: This involves answering the questions regarding the delivery of the final production.  The planner will evaluate the good aspects and items that may need a little fine tuning to ensure the smooth run of future events.   Don’t forget this is also where client feedback will be presented.

    In short an even planner coordinates the logistical and operational aspects of events and meetings. When working with a public celebrations and private affairs, professional event planners manage each phase of the experience.

    ~ Here’s to a solid foundation for your new business.

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Get your Attendees to the Meeting Site


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:  Get your Attendees to the Meeting Site

Thinking about all the different forms of domestic and international travel options: air private or chartered jets, helicopters, public or private cars, trains, yachts, ocean liner, limo, horseback, bus – chartered and public, taxi and even by foot.

The truth of ht matter for a majority of your meetings will use commercial air to get your attendees local.  Once they arrive to the host city they will use a variety of ground transportation services to move around the city.

Think about what is most economical for your attendee in most cases they will be covering their own travel expenses.  There are some cases when you will need to cover travel for celebrity, special VIP guests.  Since air travel is the norm in most cases.  Contact the major airlines for rates and regulations, make sure to ask for the current fees and promotion for checked baggage and carry ons.  Consider how far they are from your meeting place.  Don’t forget the smaller air ports, some are able to provide more efficiency and cost less.  For assistance don’t forget to check with the local Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) they are a very knowledgeable resource.

When considering airlines contact them and ask about their meeting programs.  A program could include: Free tickets based on volume and group fares and discounts.  Beware there are some times when no group discounts are available.

Be prepared to answer the following questions when booking with the airline:

* Starting location for passengers

* Meeting destination

* Date and time of event

* Number of passengers

Check with each airline, some airlines require a different passenger number to be considered a group, but the Sales Office will be able to help you secure seats and save money when possible.  You can also offer a testimonial via social media for future possible discounts.  Then you sign the contract will be given a group number.  Take this number and publish it on your meeting materials.  Make sure they know to use this number to associate themselves with this group and qualify for the special rate when booking their flight.  The savvy trailer may opt to use frequent flyer points or miles, travel discount sites, travel club like AAA.

… Organized travels

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Hello … I’m Having an Event!

ImageGetting the Word Out

Ok so now you have your target audience and you need to let them know you have some place for them to be and why.  Here are a few ways to reach out to them:

* Website                                       * Past Attendees                      * Poster/Flyer

* Email Blast                                 * Text Message                         * Referral

* Blogs                                             * Fax                                            * Networking

* Email                                            * Press Release                         * Newspaper

* Radio/Internet                        * Commercial                            * Word of Mouth

* Signage                                       * Feature Article                       * Other Events

Here’s where you show your marketing plan to the world.  You can use as many of these outlets as you like that will “touch” your target audience.  You will also need to consider you marketing budget and the cost of each and which will provide the best ROI (return on investment).  Also be thinking ahead to your next event.  On you r attendee registration form create a line for them to tell you where they heard about your event.  Keep this information on hand for planning similar events to create a list of the best places to advertise based on the number of people reached, this will tell you where to advertise more.  It’s up to you to market in best places for maximum results.

… Be heard.

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