Time to bail ourselves out! It’s time for OUR change!



In 2007 the bottom began to noticeably fall out of the real estate market and in 2008 the stock market crumbled taking the futures of hardworking American families.  From that to 2009 the country has slid into a full blown recession and some of the highest unemployment numbers in 30 years.  As we all know, recession is a word everyone refuses to say and hates to hear it even more.

With the recession thousands of jobs were lost, millions of hard working families have gone into foreclosure, retirees lost their entire life’s savings and across the country we saw more and more “Going out of business” signs hanging on businesses that have faithfully supported many communities for years.  We, as a country have been left wondering what was going to happen next.  We watched the news day after day to hear that the government was giving “TARP” and “bail out” money to “big banks”.

But where is the bail out for those that have sacrificed and poured their sweat, blood and tears into building a comfortable future?

Where is the bail out for those that are working double time to keep up with the rising pain at the pump, 50% utility hikes, ever shrinking funds for ever increasing grocery costs and un-affordable healthcare expenses?

Here is the opportunity to bail ourselves out!  It’s time for OUR change!

Come and learn how to become the owner of a franchise, start a non profit organization or become an owner of one of the country’s fastest growing network marketing businesses or franchise. You will meet financial advisers, bank representatives, representatives from the SBA and other business professionals that can give you step-by-step guidance in their area of expertise for your successful tomorrow.

We look forward to assisting you with information on how to obtain your DUNNS Number, Tax ID Number (TIN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), and explain the best way to organize your business. Meet representatives from some of the most successful and fastest growing MLMs and franchises.

Come and learn the tax benefits to owning a home based business.
There will be prizes and give-a-ways that will help you in your business endeavors.

Every great opportunity starts with one step!

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