Planning Made Easy-er



Think about the motivation you have for planning your meetings/events.  Now create your goals and objectives, these will be the emphasis of the production of your meeting or event.

Here are some items to keep in mind:

* Economic Climate

* Staffing

* Budget

* Vendors

* Timeline

* Target Audience

* Contracts

Plan your event keeping the stakeholders advised of the details, you want to keep them engaged in the planning process, since they are interested in the success of the event also.  Take control of the process select a skilled team, delegate and set deadlines for assignments and tasks.  Your goal is to keep people on track in a professional manner; you will express your leadership and earn their respect.  This will also help when encouraging them to strictly adhere to the set deadlines.

Keep in mind you are responsible to the stakeholders/managers so you should be the master communicator while implementing and monitoring the planning process.

… Now that was easy


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