Hello my name is Pharice Brown, President of Word of Mouth Events & Planning based in Bladensburg, Maryland.  Word of Mouth is a full service event and meeting management firm, with many exciting events planned for 2014 and 2015.  We would like to extend an invitation to partner with Word of Mouth Events & Planning in making our 1st Annual Etiquette Academy an enriching and successful experience.  The Academy will be held on September 13, 20 and 27th, 2014; this is our principle youth outreach event of the year.  The curriculum is designed to provide 45 students over a 3 week period, a competitive edge in life by teaching them the art of social and business etiquette, fine dining, modeling techniques, grooming, attire and other progressive social skills; such as environmental responsibility and giving back to the community.  Our mission is to enhance the personal and professional lives of each student through self-esteem building and social graces.

Preteens and teens are at a stage in their lives where key elements needed for proper social and professional development can be valued and used on a daily basis to make an immediate impact on their environment.  This academy will begin by exposing our youth to the rules of the corporate and social structures, exploring why these rules are needed and how they are properly utilized with practical application to successful incorporation into their daily lives.  Our self-esteem building utilizes modeling skills, proper make up application, grooming, and hygiene instruction will give them confidence to show their individuality in a constructive and positive way.

We will finalize the Academy by hosting a formal dinner for our Academy graduates; to include a presentation to our honored sponsors with photo opportunities and media coverage.  This opportunity will allow the students an opportunity to show off the formal skills they have learned with parents, family, sponsors and press.

This event will allow you the opportunity to be a positive community contributor and will offer excellent exposure for your company. It will also start the beginning of long term mutually beneficial working relationships and a better overall society.  We appreciate your consideration for this proposal. You may contact me email at for the sponsorship information.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.


Pharice Brown, President / CEO
Word of Mouth Events & Planning